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We combine the power of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and artificial intelligence to match tech talents with jobs faster and more accurately than ever before.

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What is Omnibloc?

The world’s only recruitment solution leveraging blockchain technology, smart contracts, and artificial intelligence to match verified tech talents with companies in seconds at the lowest cost possible.

Omnibloc’s cutting-edge tech empowers us to offer the personalised, tailored services of a full-suite recruitment agency at a fraction of the cost utilising artificial intelligence to automate your recruitment needs from determining which position to hire, sourcing top-talents, and starting your new employees on their first day.

All talents within the Omnibloc ecosystem are pre-vetted by our team for quality, assessed, and assigned scores used to match them precisely with your needs. Stop making hiring mistake and wasting your valuable budget, sign up for Omnibloc and hire exactly who you need, every single time.

For Talents

Job seekers, known as talents, sign up and own their verified professional data, stored pseudonymously on the Ethereum blockchain. This data is used by our machine learning algorithms to find suitable, matching job vacancies; no more time wasted applying for questionable positions and crafting unnecessary cover letters.

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For Recruiters

Recruiting top-shelf talent is difficult, current market offerings are too expensive, take too much time, and offer few guarantees. Omnibloc offers you access to the market’s top tech talents at the lowest cost possible, using artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and smart contracts.

It’s simple: Our A.I. recruiters help you determine your exact hiring needs, create the market’s most-accurate job descriptions, and match with the best talents available in minutes, with zero upfront contracts to sign or other fees. If you’re a startup or growing tech company you simply cannot afford to waste your time and money making costly recruitment mistakes, Omnibloc will meet all your hiring needs faster and more effectively than any system available today.

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Our Technology



Omnibloc combines the power of private and public blockchains to offer users the most secure, valuable recruitment experience possible by ensuring data integrity, validity, and accuracy.

The private blockchain is used to store sensitive data such as well as to keep track of all employment transactions in a transparent, easily viewed manner that companies and talents can reference to ensure validity and create trust. This data cannot be falsified or maliciously altered meaning all talents received by companies are guaranteed to be who they say they are, and in possession of the skills listed during the matching process.

The public blockchain is used to execute and enforce the Omnibloc rewards programme, designed to encourage high-quality users by rewarding them with omni utility tokens for good performance. These tokens can be redeemed for cash, as well as with our partners for discounts on employment education courses and other valuable work softwares. This system ensures the overall quality of the network increases substantially by empowering both companies and talents to increase their value.

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Our system utilises two forms of artificial intelligence to match talents with companies based on their exact requirements: Machine learning algorithms and natural language processing (chatbots). Machine learning algorithms are used to analyse user data, assign scores, and match the two parties together with increasing degrees of accuracy as more data is processed and analysed successfully. Natural language processing is used to communicate directly with users and determine their skills, preferences, and requirements with greater precision than current offerings.

Unlike other solutions leveraging artificial intelligence, Omnibloc guarantees data validity via the security of blockchain technology and our internal verification team; this ensures our algorithms are not misled or fed falsified data that creates potential false-positives found on other platforms. The marriage of these two technologies guarantees precision not possible with other recruitment systems today.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are programmable contracts enforced via code that can be linked together to form a series of complex commands that operate automatically. On Omnibloc, smart contracts are utilised to hire, terminate, and score employees, as well as offer rewards and enforce penalties that ensure quality within the talent ecosystem.

These contracts empower companies to recruit talent quickly, without diverting resources (or relying on lawyers) to create physical contracts that require signatures and need to be amended manually. This alone can save companies thousands of dollars per year.

For example: Hiring via Omnibloc creates a smart employment contract containing all the details of the contractual relationship, based on both parties exact requirements, and according to jurisdictional regulations. Moving forward this contract updates to include employee performance scores, salary updates, term changes, etc… ensuring the HR team does not need to create separate contractual amendments. At the end of the contract term the employer can either extend the contract or terminate it according to their needs and the talent’s performance.

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